Israeli Shabak kidnaps and tortures Palestinian young man before throwing him in street

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli Shabak members on Sunday kidnapped 22-year-old Noor Shalabi from his house in occupied Jerusalem, tortured him, then threw him in the streets claiming that he planned to obstruct the so-called “flag day”, which marks the occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967.

Shalabi wrote on his Facebook account that on 1 June, he and his family were surprised of Israeli forces ringing the bell of their house and telling them that he is arrested, which was the 44th time for him to be arrested.

Shalabi was taken after that and put in a small cell with others to find out that they were being hold without court order, which is considered kidnapping in law. They were accused of “planning to obstruct” the so-called “flag day”.

An officer handcuffed Shalabi’s hands and feet then other Shabak members started beating him. “They were carrying a table then throwing it on my back”, Shalabi said. “They crazily beat me on my face. One of them has put my arm on the edge of a table and kept hitting it with a chair. This has continued for over three hours.”

Shalabi started passing out, so they ordered him to sign a document claiming that they didn’t torture him but he refused, so they left him for two further hours without any medical aid.

Shalabi said that he heard them saying “let him die and we will say that he attacked a Shabak member”.

After that an officer signed the document and threw Shalabi in the street, where a passer-by found him and called for help.

In 2017, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz published witnesses by Israeli interrogators confirming Israel’s systematic use of torture against Palestinian prisoners. Many of them have been proved to die under torture before the IPS covers the crimes of murdering them under torture with fake accusations and narrations.

Also in the same year, several joint research reports published by B’Tselem and HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual, based on hundreds of affidavits and testimonials given by Palestinians who underwent Shabak interrogations after the HCJ ruling, indicated that the Shabak still routinely employs psychological and physical abuse in interrogations, which went far beyond a reasonable interpretation of the term “moderate physical pressure”, a term which is used by the Israeli government to justify torture.

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