Israeli settlers vandalize properties in Palestinian town of Hizma

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli illegal settlers on Friday attacked the village of Hizma in occupied Jerusalem and sprayed racist slogans on Palestinians’ properties.

Abderrazzaq Hamdan, one of the residents of Hizma, told QNN that he was shocked to find out that the tires of two vehicles of his family were slashed. His neighbors were also attacked by the settlers.

Groups of Israeli settlers attacked the village and slashed tires of 25 vehicles and sprayed racist slogans including “death for Arabs” on the walls.

Hamdan told QNN that this is not the first time for the village to be targeted by the Israelis.

An Israeli group, which identifies itself as “paying the price groups” claimed responsibility for the attack.

They are religious right-wing groups that was first founded in 2008. It attacks holy places like mosques, churches, and Islamic and Christian cemeteries. It also attacks Palestinians’ properties without being held accountable by the Israeli authorities.

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