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Israeli right-wingers vandalize EU embassy and spray hateful slogans

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli right-winger Sheffi Paz documented herself, alongside others, attacking and vandalizing the European Union Embassy in the occupation state on Sunday.

The group spray-painted hateful English-language slogans in red paint accusing Europe of killing Jews, which read: “EU get out” and “German money kill Jews”.

Paz heads the “South Tel Aviv Liberation Front”, a group that fights for the total expulsion of asylum seekers from the occupation state and in particular from their neighborhood.

Candidate and Chairwoman of a riht-wing party, Ayelet Shaked, announced last week that she signed a deal with Paz, according to which she will only enter a government on the condition that tougher legislation be promoted against migrants. Shaked also stipulated her entry into a coalition on the establishment of special courts that would handle migration issues and which would not accept appeals.

Multiple European ambassadors condemned the incident. “That is deplorable indeed,” the Austrian ambassador to the occupation state, Martin Weiss, said, “In spite of all innovation, the pill against bigotry and stupidity hasn’t been invented yet.”

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