Israeli repression units storm four sections of Ofer jail

Ramallah (QNN)- A human rights group said Thursday that Israeli repression units broke into four sections of Ofer military jail, including the children’s section.

The Prisoners’ Association said in a statement on Thursday that Israeli repression units broke into the sections 14, 19, 20, and the children’s unit number 13 in Ofer military jail.

The association explained that the so-called “Yamas” and “Dror” units broke into the sections, which include nearly 280 prisoners.

Human rights organizations estimate the number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails at nearly 5000, including 43 female prisoners, nearly 180 children, and 430 under administrative detention.

Reports by human rights organizations stated that Palestinian prisoners have been living in very bad conditions. Different forms of physical and psychological torture are being used against them and they are denied their very basic needs.

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