Israeli police prevents female worshipers from entering Al Aqsa mosque

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Israeli police prevented a group of Palestinian women from praying at the Al Aqsa mosque this morning.

Samah Mahamid, one of the women who were denied entry, told QNN that the women tried to enter the holy mosque from Asbat and Hittah gates.

A policeman told Samah Mhamid, Noor Mahamid, and Islam Manasrah that the order to prevent them from entry was issued by the main police officer at the mosque.

The Israeli police had stormed and searched the house of Samah a few days ago while she was at the Al Aqsa mosque.

The three ladies had been prevented before from entry to the holy mosque for several months.

Meanwhile, dozens of Jewish extremist settlers stormed the courtyards of the holy mosque marking the so-called “siege of the temple”.

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