Israeli police plant gun in Palestinian’s house to film TV docudrama

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- In the course of a TV series on the Jerusalem police force, police planted a weapon in the house of a Jerusalem Palestinian resident and then documented its discovery, reported Haaretz.

Samer Sleiman’s house in the village of Isawiyah was searched in November 2018, after which he was handed a document stating that nothing was found there. However, a few months later, Sleiman’s neighbors identified the house in an episode of a nine-part docudrama called “Jerusalem District”, aired on Kan TV. The episode records a search for weapons, in the course of which a cellar is discovered, described by one of the series’ main characters as “a tunnel which would do credit to the ones found in Gaza.”

In the cellar at Sleiman’s house, M-16 rifles are found. The policemen in the documentary appear overjoyed at finding these guns, leaving the village satisfied with their work. However, Sleiman was unexpectedly not arrested or questioned about the allegedly found weapon.

Sleiman’s son Saleh was shot five years ago with a sponge-tipped bullet fired by the police.

The police reached Sleiman’s house at 3:30 A.M. Border Policemen surrounded the house, and policemen armed with a sledgehammer and accompanied by dogs entered the house. “I was afraid my son would be frightened because of what had happened to him,” says Sleiman. “One of them told me he knew about it and told me to sit the boy on the side.” He says one of the dogs damaged some of the boy’s medications, and that the policemen left a big mess behind, Haaretz reported.

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