Israeli police arrests two worshipers including one with special needs

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Israeli police extended the arrest of two Palestinian worshipers, who were arrested at Al Aqsa mosque on Wednesday.

QNN reporter stated that the Israeli police increased its existence in the old city in Jerusalem and deployed near the gates of the city, which were closed to Palestinians and opened to Israelis only.

The police, stationed at the gates of Al Aqsa mosque, closed the holy mosque to worshipers as well without providing any explanation.

Two worshipers were arrested and taken for interrogation.

Al Qarrawi family told QNN that an Israeli officer told them that they arrested their son Khalil Hashem Qarrawi (18 years old) at the holy mosque. No one knows anything about the reasons why he was arrested so far.

The family added that their son was brutally beaten by the Israeli soldiers although he is with special needs. The Israelis claimed he was holding a knife at the holy mosque.

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