Israeli police arrests guard of Al Aqsa mosque to allow settlers’ raid

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Israeli police arrested on Tuesday one of the guards of the Al Aqsa mosque to allow a raid by Israeli Jewish settlers.

The Islamic Waqf said Israeli police arrested the guard Fadi Olayyan from his work at the Al Aqsa mosque and sent him to Al Qashleh interrogation center in western Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Israeli police allowed dozens of Israeli Jewish settlers, led by the extremist leader Yehuda Glick, to break into the holy mosque to perform rituals at the Magharbeh gate.

Under police and army protection, settlers toured in the mosque provoking hundreds of Muslim worshipers.

The occupation state has been repressing worshipers to allow extremist settlers to storm the Al Aqsa mosque as a part of plans to impose full control over the holy mosque.

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