Israeli police arrest Imam of Hasan Bek mosque in occupied Jaffa

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Israeli police on Monday arrested the Imam of Hasan Bek mosque in occupied Jaffa over joining peaceful protests in the city against the Israeli leveling of Al Is’af Islamic cemetery.

Local sources said the police arrested Sheikh Ahmad Abu Ajwah while he was performing dawn prayer at Hasan Bet mosque.

His attorney, Ramzi Iktelat, added that Sheikh Abu Ajwah was taken for interrogation over alleged “agitation” as he joined the protests against the leveling of Al Is’af cemetery. He was bailed and released a few hours later.

Native locals of Jaffa continue peaceful protests against the Israeli plans to build a residential building for homeless Jews over the cemetery.

The Israeli police had cracked down on peaceful protesters in several protests, arresting dozens of them and using pepper gas and tear gas against the protesters.

During the leveling operations, the Israelis found nearly 60 tombs and human remains. The remains were taken to an unknown place.

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