Israeli paramedics neglect wounded Palestinian mother to treat settler, who crashed into her car in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Several days ago, Hilweh Ridwan (28 years old), a mother of three children, had a car accident in Jabal Al Mukabbir in occupied Jerusalem.

A surveillance video footage revealed that Ridwan was driving following all regulations. The settler, however, crashed into her car while he was jaywalking.

Ridwan told QNN that she was driving the legal speed limit and normally. She reached a square before another car drove over the speed limit, which pushed her to slow down.

The moment when she stopped, the car returned and crashed into her car. Ridwan wasn’t alone in her car, her nearly 2-year-old cousin was with her and the settler’s car crashed into Ridwan’s car, hitting the 2-year-old child.

Ridwan stated that the child and she panicked. Israeli medical teams rushed to help the settler, who was completely fine, instead of providing medical care for her and for the wounded child.

She added that only when Palestinians came and complained about the medical teams’ racism, they started treating her. The settler claimed that he was feeling dizzy.

The lawyer Nidal Shalabi told QNN that “after viewing the video footage, it was clear that the settler was responsible for the accident.”

Ridwan confirmed that medical teams discriminated against her and her cousin when they were wounded in her car and after evacuating them to Shaare Zedek hospital in occupied Jerusalem.

Hilweh is a mother of three children. She suffers from pains all over her body. Her cousin, Kareem, is still in panic. He wakes up at night, shouting in horror.

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