Israeli officer who killed an Ethiopian teen has killed blindfolded Palestinian worker before

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Israeli policeman, who has killed a 17-year-old Israeli Ethiopian settler a few days ago erupting riot in Tel Aviv by Flash Mura settlers, has turned out to be responsible for the murder of Iyad Abu Raiyyeh at Jaffa in 2006 in cold blood, according to lawyers.

The Israeli officer at the time was a border guard. His unit raided a building under construction in Jaffa, in which several Palestinian workers were working without having permissions. Three Palestinians, including Abu Raiyyeh, were held and led to another room after being handcuffed and blindfolded, then they were violently beaten.

After being beaten they were ordered by the aforementioned Israeli officer to sit down with their faces towards a wall. Another Israeli border guard pulled his weapon and executed Abu Raiyyeh then claimed later on that it was by mistake, which is the very same claim said by the officer after killing the Ethiopian settler.

In 2008 an Israeli court decided that the murder was committed without any previous intentions and that it was out of recklessness.

The officer lives now in a hotel in Tel Aviv under heavy guard for “fears of his life”.

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