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Israeli national anthem played in Qatar amid rejection by Qataris

Doha (QNN)- “Israel”’s national anthem was played at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships on Friday after one of its athletes won gold, causing rage among Qataris.

“Youth Against Normalization” expressed their rejection of the Qatari decision to host an Israeli team, including one who served in the Israeli occupation army and wrote that several years ago on the same day the Israeli anthem was played, Israel assassinated Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmad Yaseen and that “today the sky of Doha is polluted by the racist Israeli national anthem”.

“Qataris against normalization” hashtag trended in Qatar, calling Qatari authorities for ending normalization with the occupation state specially in sports.

Adel Lami Al Dhaim said,” At the same time the Israelis prevent players in Palestinian teams from traveling and playing outside, we normalize with them and raise their flag and play their national anthem in our Arab world and in the Gulf!”.

Hamad Said that “we have been shouting that we are against normalization, however the Zionists continue to get in our country and desecrate its soil. What happened yesterday is considered as humiliation for each Qatari. Their national anthem in which they justify their occupation is played in Qatar. It is getting absurd to write here in Twitter to stop the continuous normalization. This travesty has to stop in any way!”

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