Israeli Jewish extremists call for mass raid into Al Aqsa mosque

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli Jewish extremist groups, which identify themselves as “Temple groups”, called Israelis to storm the Al Aqsa mosque today to celebrate the “Hebrew new year”.

Dozens of Rabbis and officials announced that they will take part in the raids.

The extremists groups, which intensified calls on social media, stated that they work in cooperation with Israeli police, which will facilitate the raid.

Israeli extremists have recently increased raids into the Al Aqsa mosque. Israeli officials, including ministers, participated in raids.

Dozens of Jewish extremists gathered Thursday near the Al Aqsa mosque to celebrate the “Hebrew new years” and perform rituals.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces closed Hittah and Asbat gates of the holy mosque to worshipers, who were leaving the mosque, to facilitate the movement of the extremists.

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