Israeli investigation: IOF responsible for death of 3 Palestinian children burnt alive

Occupied Hebron (QNN)- A new Israeli investigation published by Israeli media on Monday revealed that the Israeli army is responsible for the death of three Palestinian children, who were burnt to death in occupied Hebron five months ago.

Fire has started in a house, which belongs to Rajabi family in occupied Hebron, and led to the death of three children; two of them are 4 years old and the third is one year and a half.

The investigation revealed that Israeli soldiers have blocked the fire brigade from reaching the house for 10 minutes before being blocked again on another checkpoint for further a few minutes, which caused the children to die.

Walla Israeli website said that the fire brigade, who immediately rushed to the fire, were blocked and held back on the checkpoint under the pretext of “lack of coordination”. The father of the children said that if the firemen were not blocked, it could have been possible to put off the fire and save the children.

“The fire was reported on 10:30 pm, however firemen were too late to reach the location; as they were trying to communicate with the Israelis, untill they finally reached the fire and put it off”, according to the fire service in Hebron.

Israeli lawyer Ronnie Fili said that “the apartheid in Hebron, which deny Palestinians their basic rights, led in this case to the death of three children.”

“Nothing justifies blocking the fire brigade”, he said. “This horrible tragedy, which happened because of the apathy of the Israeli army, who doesn’t care not only to Palestinians’ basic right, but also to their lives”.

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