Israeli forces violently beat Palestinian man in southern Nablus

Nablus (QNN)- Four Israeli soldiers have violently beat a Palestinian man after ordering him to stop his vehicle at Zaatara military checkpoint in southern Nablus at one o’clock after midnight on Friday.

Ali Muhammad Nouri (46 years old), a father of six children and resident of Siris village, told QNN the four Israeli soldiers ordered him to stop his vehicle then after checking on his ID they ordered him to get out of the car and empty it before they started violently beating him.

Nouri said that the soldiers forced him to get stripped then they started beating him to finally allow him to leave. He then headed to Jenin hospital then to Shifa hospital to get the necessary treatment.

Nouri also said that while the Israelis were beating him, the soldiers stole his wallet which he dropped and in which he had 5,000 Shekels and 10,000 Shekel checks.

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