Israeli forces storm, rob houses of former prisoners in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli forces robbed houses of Palestinian former prisoners after breaking into it on Monday.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center stated that members of the Israeli Shin Bet and police broke into houses of the former prisoners Majdi Abbasi, Naji Odeh, Basel Abu Tayeh, and Ihab Bkeirat.

They searched the houses before stealing money, claiming that the aforementioned former prisoners gained the money from a “hostile body”, in reference to the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The owners of the houses stated that the Israelis took “every single Shekel they found in the houses. They have even stolen children’s piggy banks and the small amounts of money that the families use for their daily needs”.

The Israelis stole 25,000 Shekels (more than $7000) from Abbasis house, 1000 Shekels (nearly $300) from Odeh’s house, 790 Shekel (over $200) from Abu Tayeh’s house, while they stole a car owned by Bkeirat’s father.

The Israeli Minister of war, Naftali Bennett, had ordered in December 2019 to seize bank accounts of nine Jerusalemite prisoners and former prisoners under the pretext of “gaining monthly pays from the PA”.

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