Israeli forces shoot, arrest young man at his house

"we heard sounds of breaking to find out that there were Israeli soldiers inside our house and that they were breaking everything", said Arqam's mother

Tulkarm (QNN)- After having their suhoor and starting to pray, the Harashehs heard a shooting but they thought it was somewhere outside their house. However, they found out that their son, Arqam, was wounded.

Najah Harasheh told QNN that “the Israeli army cracked down on their village, Qiffin, in northern Tulkarm on the dawn of Monday.”

She added that her family was preparing to perform Fajr prayer after ending suhoor meal. “My son Arqam went out to the balcony as usual but as soon as we started praying we heard a very near shooting.”

“A few minutes later, we heard sounds of breaking to find out that there were Israeli soldiers inside our house and that they were breaking everything”, she said.
“They held us all in one room then went to the balcony to arrest Arqam after they stripped him of his clothes. That moment, we didn’t know that the shooting that we had heard was in our house and that it wounded my son in his leg. We only knew that after the soldiers confiscated our cell phones and left.

Arqam Harasheh (25 years old) had spent two years in Israeli jails. His mother called on human rights NGOs to find out further information about his medical condition.

Eyewitnesses told his mother that an Israeli ambulance was at the entry to the village and that it took Arqam to an unknown place.

In the same context, Israeli forces arrested eight citizens from the West Bank and Jerusalem last night.

The Prisoners’ Association stated that four Palestinians were arrested last night from Nablus. They were identified as Zaher Shashtari (50 years old), Saed Masri (40 years old), Sultan Qamari (50 years old), and Anan Shami.

They also arrested Arqam Riyadh Harasheh and Awni Ta’meh (24 years old) from Qiffin.

Israeli soldiers also arrested Jamal Banat from Hebron and held and interrogated his father Muhammad Banat for hours after releasing him.

Meanwhile, the Israeli police arrested Anas Muhammad Abu Hummus from Issawiyyeh in occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli forces arrested yesterday at least five Palestinians from the West Bank, including the teenager Murad Bassam Bayed after shooting at him.

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