Israeli demolitions in occupied Negev continue displacing whole families

Women and children were attacked and arrested in an Israeli trial to grab the area and replace native Palestinians with Jewish settlers.

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli bulldozers on Wednesday demolished three houses in the village of Bir Al Hamam in the occupied Negev, sparking confrontations between the Israeli police and the locals.

Arab 48 reported that Israeli forces and police, accompanied by vehicles, raided the villages of Zarnouq, Ruweis, and Bir Al Hamam and demolished three houses, sparking confrontations with native Palestinians.

“Confrontations and arrests took place during the demolition of a house owned by Rafay’a family”, said Hussein Rafay’a, the head of the local committee of Bir Al Hamam.

“The Israelis attacked children, women, and young men”, he added.

Rafay’a called the demolition “a criminal and revengeful act that aims to break the will of the Palestinian people”.

“However, we stress that we have high spirits and all those trials will never change our position towards our people and homeland.”

The occupation state has been continuously demolishing whole villages that it calls ‘illegal’ in the occupied Negev, displacing whole communities in order to grab their land and replace native Palestinians with Jewish settlers.

Nearly 240,000 native Palestinians live in the Negev desert. Half of them live in decades-old communities and villages but the occupation state refuses to recognize them, denying them the essential services like power and running water.

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