Israeli assaults against 144 Palestinian photojournalists in 6 months only

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- 144 Palestinian photojournalists have been subjected to Israeli assaults during the first half of 2019, according to the Committee on Freedom at the Palestinian Press Association.

The committee stated that Israeli attacks on journalists have dramatically increased It also said that 31 assaults caused injuries with bullets. Other assaults were in the form of direct targeting with tear gas and stun grenades to cause as much harm as it’s possible.

A statement by the committee also said that Israel has committed 232 violations against Palestinian press in the first half of this year. In many cases, Israeli forces prevented journalists from coverage, held journalists, confiscated their equipment or damaged them, arrested or prevented journalists from travel, and broke into their houses and institutions.

The Palestinian Press Association called on Arab and international journalists and press institutions to stand behind Palestinian journalists and try to protect them from the Israeli systematic assaults, and to hold the occupation state accountable for its continuous crimes.

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