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Israeli army shoots, kidnaps shepherd on Lebanon border

Lebanon/ Palestine (QNN)- Lebanese media reported on Sunday that the Israeli occupation army opened fire at a shepherd near the border and wounded him before kidnaping him.

The Lebanese Official News Agency reported that “an Israeli military patrol opened fire at the shepherd Muhammad Nuriddin Abdel Azim (Syrian national) in the town of Kfarchouba and wounded him.”

“Enemy soldiers kidnapped him to the occupied land”, it added.

On the other side, the Israeli army claimed its soldiers opened fire at a young man, who crossed the Lebanese border to the occupied land.

Quoting the Israeli army, Yediot Ahoronot reported that the young man crossed the border from Shebaa farms. The Israeli newspaper did not reveal the identity of the young man but it added that he was taken to Rambam hospital to get treatment for his injury, which was described as being between moderate to critical.

Israeli media noted that there is no border fences in the area, where the shepherd was shot, and that shepherds occasionally wander around the area.

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