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Israeli 12 rapists freed while British female victim arrested over ‘false rape claim’ in Ayia Napa

Cyprus (QNN)- The 12 young Israelis, accused of raping a British tourist in Cyprus, have been all released, while the British woman who said she was raped has been arrested on suspicion of making ‘a false allegation’, according to news agencies.

Reuters and AFP said the 19-year-old woman was arrested on Sunday.

The British woman contacted police in the early hours of 17 July saying she had been assaulted in a hotel in the holiday resort. Later that day police arrested 12 males, who were remanded in custody.

The group, aged from 15 to 20, denied the claim.

Israeli teens showed the police a video footage of a group of them having sex with the girl, however the police concluded that “Rape never took place”.

The girl said that she was mad they filmed the sex without her consent and then kicked her out of their hotel room.

In an interview with Israeli media, one of the suspects, who was watching the alleged rape from another room, answered to a question about the reason why he didn’t join the suspects saying that “it’s not the kind of stuff he likes” because the girl “isn’t Jewish”.

When the boys arrived at Ben Gurion Airport Sunday evening, they celebrated their release and stated they regretted nothing. They opened champagne bottles and chanted “Am Yisrael Chai” (the people of Israel lives) as well as “the Brit is a whore.”

Despite of the police decision, the suspects’ mistreatment of the girl and the unlimited support by Israeli media even before any police report sparked controversy on social media.

Even before any police report, Israeli journalist Emily Amrousi rushed to conclude that the rape never happened because simply her Zionism leads her to “automatically” disbelieve reports of Israelis suspected of rape!

‘Israel’ is accused of facilitating rape culture. Several politicians have been convicted in rape cases like Moshe Katsav. Meanwhile, Netanyahu is accused of supporting employees, accused of sex crimes, instead of firing them.

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