‘Israel’ to bulldoze Hebron market and construct illegal settlement instead

Hebron (QNN)- The occupation state has approved a new settlement that will be constructed on the site of the central vegetable market in Hebron, which in its turn will be bulldozed.

The Israeli new defense minister Nafatali Bennet announced his approval for a new Jewish illegal settlement in Hebron, where over 200,000 native Palestinians are being repressed and forced to live in an apartheid system to please about 800 Jewish European settlers, who live in the city.

Bennet said the settlement, which will be built over the city’s old market, will double the number of Jewish settlers in Hebron.

The market area is on Hebron’s once-bustling Shuhada Street, the Old City’s main commercial artery. It has been shut down by the Israeli army since 1994, when Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein killed 29 Palestinians inside the Ibrahimi mosque, forcing many businesses to close.

Palestinians, who have long demanded that it be reopened, have been banned from accessing the street.

“Israel’s decision to build a new illegal settlement in occupied Hebron is the first tangible result of the US decision to legitimise colonisation; this cannot be taken out of the context,” said Saeb Erakat, Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

“The settlement in Hebron is the ugliest face of Israel’s control in the Occupied Territories,” anti-settlement campaigners Peace Now said in a statement.

“In order to maintain the presence of 800 settlers among a quarter of a million Palestinians, entire streets in Hebron are closed to Palestinians, denying them freedom of movement and impinging on their livelihoods.”

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