‘Israel’ to build 251 new settlement units in Bethlehem

Bethlehem (QNN)- Israeli authorities announced Sunday intentions to build 251 new settlement units and confiscate dozens of Donums of Bethlehem’s lands.

Director General of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee, Hassan Breijiyyeh, said that the Israeli authorities approved plans to build 251 settlement units, including 146 in Gush Etzion settlement blocs in southern Bethlehem and 105 in Kfar Eldad illegal settlement in the East.

Breijiyyeh stated that the Israeli authorities have already confiscated large areas of land in Beit Nahhalin to expand Alon Shvut illegal settlement.

Construction in Israeli illegal settlements and even building new settlement outposts throughout the occupied west bank and Jerusalem have been sharply increased in recent years, especially after US. Donald Trump came to power and gave a green light to the occupation state to increase illegal settlement and land theft.

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