‘Israel’ throws away three Palestinian workers at Palestinian side of military checkpoint

Tulkarm (QNN)- The governor of Tulkarm, Issam Abu Bakr, said on Tuesday that three Palestinian workers were fired by their Israeli bosses inside the occupied land and were thrown away at the Palestinian side of Jibarah military checkpoint in southern Tulkarm.

Abu Bakr said that the workers were in a very bad condition, as they had fever and were mistreated by the Israelis.

He added in a press statement that medical teams took samples from the three workers before putting them under quarantine to treat them until the results of their tests are out.

The occupation state had allowed Palestinian workers in medical and vital fields to stay in the occupied land and sleep in their workplaces.

The Palestinian Prime Minister, Muhammad Ishtayyeh, urged all Palestinian workers in the occupation state to come back to their houses after the surge in coronavirus cases among Israelis.

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