‘Israel’ targets home of Islamic Jihad official in Damascus, movement says

Damascus (QNN)- The Palestinian resistance movement Islamic Jihad said an attack was carried out against the home of one of its officials in Damascus on Tuesday, killing the man’s son and another civilian and injuring 10 others including his daughter.

In a statement issued in Gaza shortly after an Israeli air strike there killed a top Islamic Jihad commander, the group identified the official who it said had been targeted in the Syrian capital as Akram al-Ajouri.

Syrian state media earlier reported that at least two people were killed and six wounded in an attack in the early hours that targeted a building in Damascus.

An Islamic Jihad official confirmed it was the same incident in which the home of political leader, Akram Al-Ajouri, was struck. In a statement, Islamic Jihad blamed the attack on “the Zionist criminal enemy”.

Earlier, state media had said the Syrian army opened fire on “a hostile target” over Darayya, a suburb southwest of Damascus. Syria usually uses the term to refer to Israeli targets.

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