‘Israel’ starts pumping stolen natural gas to Egypt

Cairo (QNN)- The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced that starting from this day, the occupation state will start pumping stolen natural gas to Egypt.

The ministry said in a statement that “the project presents a significant development that serves the economic interests as ‘Israel’ will be able to transfer volumes of natural gas to Europe through Egyptian liquefied gas companies”.

Agreements, which have been signed over the past two years between Egypt and the occupation state, state that ‘Israel’ shall export 85 billion cubic metres of natural gas to Egypt for 15 years.

Israeli officials have described the agreement as “the most important ever since the peace treaty in 1979”.

The occupation state of Israel extracts natural gas from the Leviathan and Tamar gas fields. The Leviathan gas field is located 190 kilometers away from Damietta in Egypt and 235 kilometers away from occupied Haifa, which means that it is located within the Egyptian exclusive economic zone and that the occupation state literally sells stolen Egyptian natural gas to its original owners.

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