‘Israel’ starts barring Palestine from exporting via Jordan

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The occupation state started on Sunday barring exportation of Palestine’s products to the world via Jordan.

Coordinator of Israeli Government Activities in the Territories told Haaretz that the ban will come into effect on Sunday.

Palestinian Agriculture Minister Riad Attari told Saturday Voice of Palestine Radio that the Israelis informed Palestinian exporters of the decision.

“Yesterday, the director of Israeli crossings informed all exporters and all relevant parties that all Palestinian agriculture products, including fruits, vegetables, dates, and olive oil, would be banned from export to world markets through the Jordanian crossing starting Sunday.”

The ban comes as a part of the escalation in the trade dispute between the occupation state and the PA that began in October.

Tareq Abu Laban, Assistant Undersecretary for the Economic sector in the Ministry of Agriculture, had previously told QNN that the Israeli decision comes as a part of an Israeli campaign to put pressure on the Palestinians and it was expected.

Ibrahim Tamara, Head of the date’s association said: “Until now, the Israelis have sent nine ships of dates back, which were supposed to be exported, mostly to Turkey.”

“[Palestinian] exporters have contracts with several markets, especially in Turkey, Europe, and East Asia in preparation for Ramadan, which worth nearly 50 million Shekel ($15 million). The exporters have halted the shipments until it’s been cleared.”

Tamara added that Turkey annually imports 1000 tons of Palestinian dates and that this amount was expected to triple this year but the Palestinian exports of dates to Turkey have barely reached 220 so far due to the Israeli restrictions.

Palestine’s date output this season has reached approximately 10,000 tons. 6,000 tons of them were supposed to be exported while the rest was allocated for local consumption.

Meanwhile, the country’s output of olive oil last season has reached nearly 30,000 tons.

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