‘Israel’ sentences Palestinian man to 400 years in jail and $5 million fine

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- An Israeli court sentenced Asem Barghouthi to four life sentences (400 years in jail) and a $5 million fine for allegedly taking part in a resistance operation against illegal settlements in Ramallah in 2018.

A few days after the Israeli army assassinated Asem’s brother, Saleh, he took his revenge, opening fire at illegal settlers in eastern Ramallah, killing two Israeli soldiers and wounding others. Asem successfully escaped after taking a rife from one of the dead Israeli soldiers.

After chasing him for nearly one month, the Israeli army arrested Asem in the village of Abu Shkeidem in north-west Ramallah.

The occupation state demolished Asem’s house and arrested his mother and brothers.

‘Israel’ imposes punitive measures against families of Palestinian martyrs, pushing more Palestinians to join the armed resistance in order to take revenge.

An internal IOF report of 2005, analyzing the effectiveness of the punitive demolition policy during the Second Intifada in which 3,000 civilian homes were demolished, found that resistance attacks increased after house demolitions, the damage caused outweighed any benefits, and recommended the practice be dropped.

In 2019, 2018, and 2017, Human Rights Watch condemned the Israeli policy calling it “a violation of the international humanitarian law”.

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