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Israel sends 230 Israeli spies back to Lebanon using American passports

Lebanon (QNN)- Addiyar Lebanese newspaper revealed that over 230 spies for the occupation state were sent back to Lebanon during the last four months using American passports after removing their names from decision No. 303, which was applied on all members of Lahad Army and which states that the spies have to be brought to Lebanese courts.

The newspaper said that the spies are from different areas throughout south Lebanon. Many locals, who used to know them, reported that they saw them. The US. embassy in Lebanon provided them with a phone number to use in case anything happens to them.

According to sources of the Newspaper, American authorities deals with the spies as American citizens even as they are originally Lebanese, and that the authorities in Lebanon have no right to deal with them.

The newspaper also said that the American embassy informed the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice that the United states will impose sanctions on the country in case the Lebanese law was applied to the Israeli spies, as it is about the American sovereignty on its citizens.

The newspaper noted that the occupation state sends “to Lebanon 12-20 spies every week”.

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