“Israel” reinforces troops along Gaza borders following rocket attack

Gaza (QNN) – The Israeli occupation army says it is reinforcing troops along the Gaza border and calling up reserves after a rocket attack on Israeli settlement early on Monday.

Israeli military spokeswoman Maj. Mika Lifshitz said two armor and infantry brigades were being mobilized, and that there was a limited drafting of reserves underway.

The Israeli army concluded that the rocket was fired by Hamas movement from southern Gaza Strip, near Rafah city. The army added it was a self-manufactured rocket with a range of 120 kilometers, or about 75 miles.

Hebrew sources informed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would cut a his visit to Washington shortly after meeting with President Donald Trump on Monday.

Netanyahu vowed to strike back hard.

A rocket hit the illegal settlement of “Meshmirt” northern Tel Aviv at dawn on Monday, causing damage to two homes and injured seven settlers.

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