‘Israel’ prevents exportation of Palestine’s goods

Ramallah (QNN)- The Assistant Undersecretary for the economic sector in the Ministry of Agriculture, Tareq Abu Laban, said that the occupation state prevents the exportation of Palestine’s goods as a measure to pressure Palestinians.

Abu Laban told QNN that the Israeli decision was expected among other measures, which aimed at pressuring the Palestinians.

“We registered complains about Israel’s prevention of exporting parts of our goods although we had informed them before that the goods are not included in the decision of the Israeli minister of war, Naftali Bennett, which prevents the exportation of Palestinian vegetables and fruits”, Abu Laban said.

“This [Israeli] decision comes to put pressure on the Palestinian government and intersects with other political and economic measures, targeting the Palestinian people”, he added, noting that the decision comes as a part of the electoral propaganda of the Israeli right-wing.

Abu Laban added that the Palestinian decision to prevent Israeli goods from reaching the occupied West Bank will start on Thursday.

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