‘Israel’ orders to demolish 100 houses in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Israeli authorities on Thursday issued a one-month-notice against locals of Wadi Al Homs in Sour Baher to demolish their own homes, said the defence commission of the houses, which face the threat of demolition in the village.

In a statement on Thursday, the committee called on locals to participate in a protest after Friday prayer against Israel’s mass demolition orders.

The statement said that Friday prayer will be performed in one of the buildings, which face the threat of demolition.

The Israeli higher court authorized on last Thursday a decision by the Israeli army, which orders to demolish 16 residential buildings, containing over 100 houses under the pretext of being close to the apartheid wall.

The army issued one-month notice for the locals to demolish their own homes or Israeli bulldozers will demolish it after that.

‘Israel’ built the 400-mile apartheid wall on Palestinian lands, seizing nearly 187,000 donums from the West Bank, and it continues to swallow more donums of the Palestinian lands and displace more Palestinians under security claims.

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