‘Israel’ murders young man and demands his family to pay for his body

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Israeli authorities informed the family of Mohammad Sameer Obeid on Sunday that they can receive the body of their son, who was murdered by the Israeli police, under conditions which included paying 25,000 Shekels for his body.

The lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Affairs Committee revealed that the Israeli authorities informed the committee that Obeid’s family could receive the body of their son only if they pledge to bury the body at night in Saladdin cemetery in the presence of only 50 persons, without raising any flag, and after paying 25,000 Shekels to the occupation state of ‘Israel’.

The family and the committee instantly refused the Israeli “offer”. The mother of Mohammad Obeid said that her son will only be buried at Issawiyyeh in the presence of all members of his family and all those who love him.

Mohammad Sameer Obeid (20 years old) was killed on Thursday by Israeli policemen during a raid at the Issawiyyeh neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem. Israeli policemen immediately kidnapped the body of Mohammad despite trials by Palestinian young men to save the body. Obeid’s family members, who were at Hadasa hospital trying to receive the body of their son were savagely beaten by Israeli forces.

‘Israel’ has been holding bodies of over 45 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces, refusing to hand them over to their families. Other bodies of 253 estimated Palestinians are kept in Israeli burial sites and morgues known as “cemeteries of numbers”, named after the numbering system that replaces names on graves.

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