‘Israel’ kills one protester and wounds 86 others in Gaza

Gaza (QNN)- The Palestinian Ministry of Health said Friday that Israeli snipers killed Saher Awadallah Othman in eastern Rafah and wounded 63 others during routine repression of Gaza’a weekly protest on the 76th week of the Great Return March.

The Ministry said that “a Palestinian civilian killed was and 86 Civilians Injured, including 22 children, 4 female paramedics and 5 Male Paramedics”.

Thousands of Palestinians took part in peaceful protests on Gaza’s borders to demand ending the Israeli siege on Gaza strip and call for their right of return.

The National Commission for the March of Return and Breaking the Siege called Palestinians to participate in the protest next Friday under the title “reconciliation is our choice”.

The Great Return March protests are peaceful protests, which have started first in March 30, 2018. Israeli forces, usually stationed in military towers behind the separation barrier, sniped thousands of protesters so far killing hundreds and wounding thousands, including journalists, paramedics, children, women, and people with special needs despite of international calls to protect peaceful protesters.

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