‘Israel’ killed 29 and injured 312 in last May only

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- 29 Palestinians were killed while 312 other were injured last may with the bullets of Israeli occupation soldiers throughout different areas of Palestine.

A report issued by the international relations department in the PLO on Monday revealed that 27 martyrs of the 29 were killed in Israeli airstrikes on civilians in Gaza, including one paramedic, 4 ladies [two of whom were pregnant], and 4 children. Meanwhile, two Palestinians were killed in field executions in the West Bank.

The Israeli occupation army has also injured 312 Palestinians in airstrikes on Gaza and during repression of anti-settlements protests in the West Bank.

The report also revealed that Israel has arrested 370 Palestinians in the same period, including several children, 4 ladies, and one person with special needs.

Israel has also expelled 16 Palestinians and banned them from entering the Al Aqsa mosque and occupied Jerusalem, including guards of the holy mosque.

Israel bombed 100 residential units, to completely demolish it, while 700 other residential units were partially demolished, including 13 schools in Gaza.

Groups of Israeli settlers uprooted nearly 25 olive trees in Burqa, meanwhile other groups of them have cut fruitful trees in agricultural lands in eastern Aqraba in the West Bank.

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