‘Israel’ killed 12 Palestinians ever since 2020 started

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The occupation state has killed 12 Palestinians throughout occupied Palestine (the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem, and land occupied in 1948) since the beginning of 2020.

The martyrs were killed by Israeli bullets in confrontations, direct shootings, tear gas grenades, or by the explosion of old Israeli bombs, which were left in Gaza during previous wars.

The 12 martyrs included seven from Gaza, one from Heron, two from Jenin, one from Haifa, and one from Tulkarm.

On January 18th, Mahdi Rmeilat (36 years old) from eastern Rafah, Gaza was killed in an explosion of a suspicious device, left by Israeli forces in previous wars on the enclave.

On the 19th of the same month, Amer Hajjar (30 years old) from Safawi, Gaza succumbed to wounds that he sustained during the Great Return March in 2018.

Two days later, three young men from eastern Maghazi, Gaza were shot dead by Israeli soldiers, who claimed that they wanted to infiltrate into the occupied land in 1948. Their bodies have bee held ever since.

On January 31st, a child, who was identified as Hani abbasi (15 years old) succumbed to wounds that he sustained by an Israeli tear gas grenade, thrown at him while he was taking part in Gaza’s weekly peaceful protests back in 2019.

On February 1st, Mahmoud Adgham (33 years old) from Sheikh Ridwan, Gaza died of woundس he had in an explosion of an Israeli old bomb.

On February 5th, Muhammad Salman Haddad (17 years old) was murdered by Israeli soldiers, who shot directly at his heart during confrontations in Bab Zawiyeh, Hebron.

Only one day later, Israeli soldiers murdered Yazan Abu Tbeikh and Sergeant Major Tareq Badwan, the later was on duty trying to prevent Israeli forces from invading the city to demolish a house and intimidate locals.

On the same day, Shadi Banna from Haifa performed a resistance operation at Bab Al Asbat area in the old city in Jerusalem but he was murdered by Israeli forces.

On February 7th, Israeli forces shot Bader Nafleh (19 years old) with a live bullet in his neck, executing him during confrontations in the village of Qiffin in northern Tulkarm.

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