“Israel” imposes high fines to intensify Palestinian minor detainees’ suffering

(QNN) – The Israeli occupation courts imposed fines amounting to more than 37,000 shekels on a number of child prisoners held in Ofer Prison in March 2019, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Affairs Committee said on Sunday.

In the report, the Committee said that 34 Palestinian children had been detained at the Ofer detention center last month; 20 were arrested from their homes, 11 in the streets, one at a military checkpoint, one because he did not have a permit, and one after he was summoned.

Among the children arrested was a Palestinian minor who was arrested after being shot, and three others who were assaulted during interrogation at Israeli detention centers.

The Committee added that the number of the sentenced children in March was 19 out of 34. The sentences raged from one to 12 months. One Palestinian minor, Mustafa Abu Ghoush, has been under administrative detention.

Currently, there are 114 Palestinian minors detained at the Ofer prison.

The Israeli military courts seek always to intensify the suffering of the Palestinian prisoners and their families by imposing expensive fines on the sentenced children, in addition to the unjust trials, the report stated.

The report shed the light on the suffering of the Palestinian minors detained in Section 13 at the Israeli prison, where they suffer from severe headaches and fainting, caused by the recently-installed cancer-causing jamming devices.

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