‘Israel’ imposes 26,000 Shekels on imprisoned Palestinian children in last June

Ramallah (QNN)- Israeli courts sentenced Palestinian children to be jailed in Ofer Israeli prison in addition to heavy financial penalty, which reached to total 26,000 Shekels in last June only.

The Palestinian Prisoners Affairs Committee revealed in a report issued on Monday that 23 children were arrested in Ofer jail, 15 of whom were arrested from their homes, 7 from the streets, while one was arrested for not having a permit.

The report also said that there are currently 116 children in the Israeli jails, and that five children were brutally assaulted by Israeli soldiers during investigation and arrest.

The committee confirmed that ‘Israel’ sees arrested Palestinians, especially children, as a permanent source of income. Heavy financial penalty are being imposed on them, which turned military courts into a tool to blackmail and loot Palestinian families.

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