“Israel” honors settlers who murdered a Palestinian father in cold blood

(QNN) – The head of the West Bank settlement’s council on Monday presented certificates of appreciation to the Israeli settlers who killed the 23-year-old Palestinian father Mohammed Abdel Fattah two weeks ago.

Yossi Dagan, head of the illegal Settlements Council, said that this honoring was a response to an investigation by human rights group B’Tselem, which was released on Sunday. The investigation revealed that the Israeli army destroyed evidence related to the murder of Abdel Fattah who was executed by extremist settlers earlier this month in the northern occupied West Bank.

The Israeli murderers claimed that Abdel Fattah tried to stab an Israeli girl, which pushed her father to shoot him to defend his daughter.

The Israeli claims have been proved to be lies. Witnesses told B’Tselem that Abdel Fattah was throwing stones at settlers’ cars breaking into the West Bank village of Huwwara when a settler pulled over after a stone hit his vehicle and fired two shots at Abdel Fattah while still in his car, then he got out and fired several more shots at the Palestinian young man.

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