‘Israel’ releases forcibly hidden 12 year old Palestinian

Qalqilya (QNN)- Israeli authorities release Thursday Khaled Ghannam (12 years old), who was forcibly hidden on Wednesday in occupied Qalqilya.

Khaled’s family welcomed the child with a birthday party, as he was arrested one day before his 12th birthday.

Khaled’s brother, Na’il, previously told QNN that Israeli forces arrested his brother when he was near a zoo in the city. He was playing with his friends. Israeli forces arrested him claiming that he was throwing Molotov cocktails.

Na’il stressed that Israeli authorities refused to provide any information on his brother or the place where he is detained. They also prevented lawyers from reaching him. “We called all detention centers in the North of West Bank, however they all denied having him [Khaled] detained”, Na’il told QNN.

Na’il also said that it was the first time Khaled was arrested. “Khaled is a child, who doesn’t know anything but playing. We are very worried about him. We demand to have him freed and to get further information on the place where he is detained”.

Israeli authorities arrest 200 Palestinian children, who are under the age of 18, Israeli jails.

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