‘Israel’ forces Palestinian family in Jerusalem to demolish structures

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- A Palestinian family in occupied Jerusalem was forced to demolish its own livestock barns on Wednesday.

Ali Jaabis told QNN that the Israeli municipality ordered him and his brothers to demolish the barns quickly under the the pretext of having no construction permission, otherwise it will demolish them and they will have to pay the demolition costs.

Jaabis said that his family has been living off stock-breeding. Some hangars were constructed over 25 years ago, but the Israelis are trying to confiscate everything in the holy city, Jaabis said.

Jaabis also said that the Israeli municipality confiscated 37 sheep on Tuesday then ordered the family to demolish the hangars as soon as possible or they will pay 40,000 Shekels (nearly 11500$).

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