‘Israel’ demolishes seven structures in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli bulldozers on the early morning of the first day of 2020 demolished seven structures in southern and eastern Jerusalem, displacing 33 Palestinians.

The councilman of Sawahreh village, Younes Ja’far, told QNN that Israeli forces stormed the Mintar area in the village and started the new year by the demolition of five houses, displacing nearly 20 Palestinians.

He added that the houses were only tents and tin houses. The Israelis also confiscated a water tank, leaving the families in freezing weather.

He also stated that one of those, whose houses were demolished, had his house demolished by the Israelis three months ago.

What the occupation state is doing aims at increasing settlement and closing the holy city as a part of the Israeli plans to Judaize it, according to Ja’far.

In Silwan, Israeli bulldozers demolished another house owned by the Khalaileh family, raising the number of those displaced today by the Israelis to 33.

The activist Khaled Abu Tayeh told QNN that Israeli vehicles surrounded the house and evicted its residents before demolishing it.

The house included two apartments, which used to provide shelter for 13 Palestinians.

In Bethlehem, Israeli vehicles raided the village of Khillet Farwaneh in the village of Jaba and uprooted olive trees.

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