‘Israel’ demolishes Al Araqeeb for 156th time and confiscates local’s properties

Occupied Negev (QNN)- Israeli authorities demolished Thursday Al Araqeeb village for the 156th time.

Local sources said that Israeli police dismantled the tents of the Araqeeb residents and tore them before throwing them out. Properties of the Araqeeb residents were also confiscated by the Israeli police before they surrounded the cemetery of the village and made an architectural plan for it.

Al Araqeeb village has been subject to continuous assaults and demolitions, while the residents have been always subject to Israel’s mass arrests and expulsion, which pushed the residents to forcefully migrate.

‘Israel’ had expelled the village’s Sheikh, Sayyah Touri, from his home town after he finished a prison sentence. Meanwhile, the occupation state imposed a fine of one million and 600,000 Shekels on the residents of the village as costs of demolition.

Nearly 240,000 Palestinian Bedouins live in the Negev desert. Half of them live in villages, which have been built for hundreds of years, however ‘Israel’ doesn’t recognize the villages neither the Bedouins’ ownership of the lands of the villages.

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