Israel demolishes 25 buildings in occupied Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli authorities launched on Monday a demolition and land leveling campaign in different areas of Palestinian residents in the occupied Jerusalem under the pretext of building without permission.

Wadi Al Helweh information center documented a large number of demolition operations in Silwan, Sour Baher, and Al Muhabbir Mount, which targeted 25 residential, agricultural, and industrial buildings. The center also said that the Israeli bulldozers demolished a shack owned by Ahmad Jaabis in Al Mukabbir Mount, displacing five persons.

Israeli bulldozers also demolished three 150-meter size rooms, 140-meter size store, which was used as a house, and a 40-meter-size store owned by Imad Abu Sharifeh.

Israel also demolished 2 sheepfolds, a 40-meter size store, and a 50-meter size container, 2 henhouses.

The center also revealed that Israel leveled and demolished walls of a farm, and demolished five caravans.

In Sour Baher, Mahmoud Abed Rabbu demolished a balcony of his own house under pressure of the Israeli authorities under the pretext of being built without permission, while Israel demolished a sheepfold and a parking lot in Silwan.

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