‘Israel’ deliberately targets journalists: Amarneh loses his eye to convey the truth

West Bank (QNN)- While covering the events, Muath Amarneh (31 years old) did not forget to keep hiding, as he knows their treachery very well. However, they succeeded to shoot him with a 22 caliber bullet, depriving him of his left eye.

Amarneh was shot on Friday in his eye while he was covering confrontation in the village of Sourif in Hebron.

He did not tell me how dangerous his injury was
“They told me that he was wounded with a rubber-coated metal bullet in his face to calm me down”, Muath’s wife Walaa Amarneh told QNN. “I did not expect that it was in his eye”, she added.

Walaa knew about her husband’s injury through his brother and she expected that it was like all his previous injuries. He was usually getting burns or be suffocated by the Israeli poisonous tear gas. He got shot before as well with a rubber-coated metal bullet, which caused him a minor injury. But this is the first time they shoot him with live bullets.

“I called Muath to make sure he’s OK. He told me that he was inside an ambulance and that he had a minor injury. He didn’t tell me that it was serious and that his eye was badly damaged”, Walaa told QNN.

Walaa assured that he had high spirits and that he was joking with his colleagues and telling them that he lost his eye for the sake of Palestine.

She also stated that their kids hasn’t seen their father after he injury yet, as it is very difficult for them to understand what happened to him.

Walaa has been always worried about the love of her life whenever he went to cover incidents, but she was sure that “God will protect him” as she said.

‘Israel’ targets the eye of the truth

Muath Amarneh has been subjected to a 4 to 5 long-hour surgery, in which the doctors will remove the shrapnel without harming the healthy eye.

Another time this year, Amarneh will have a surgery to implant an artificial eye.

The Israelis have been deliberately targeting journalists to prevent them from conveying the truth, according to journalist Raed Sharif, however most attacks against journalists take place in Hebron.

Sharif assured that the attacks against journalists increased after documenting the recent events in Arroub refugee camp, when Amarneh documented the Israeli crime of executing Omar Badawi.

“The reason why they are increasingly targeting journalists is that we document and expose the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians”, Sharif stated. “A relative of me, who video taped the murder of Abdel Fattah Sharif by an Israeli soldier three years ago, is being subjected to Israeli assaults until this day because he documented that”.

Speaking on Amarneh, Sharif said:”He was hiding from the bullets when a bullet directly hit him. We heard groans of pain. Then we were shocked to find him shot directly in his eye”.

The journalists assured that Amarneh was shot one hour after the repression of the protests and that when he was shot nothing else was used by the Israelis. It was only one bullet aimed at the eye of a journalist on duty!

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