‘Israel’ continues to hold Palestinian child in solitary confinement for the 27th day

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The occupation state continues to hold Mus’ab Abu Ghazaleh (15 years old) in solitary confinement at Ovik jail for the 27th day.

The Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners said in a statement that “putting the child in solitary confinement happened after he refused to stay with Israeli criminal prisoners in the same cells”.

The committee stressed that “Mus’ab is held in an isolated cell that lacks his very basic needs. He insists, however, not to be jailed with Israeli criminal prisoners, who are convicted of drug dealing and rape”.

The Committee added that “the occupation intentionally holds Palestinian child prisoners with criminals, who assault and rob them”.

The 15-year-old child went on a hunger strike last month in protest against being jailed with criminal prisoners.

Abu Ghazaleh had spent one year under house arrest. An Israeli court ordered to jail him for three months immediately after he completed his house arrest sentence.

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