‘Israel’ confiscates 700 dunums in Bethlehem

Bethlehem (QNN)- The Israeli authorities confiscated 700 dunums of agricultural land in the vicinity of Jabal Al Fureidis in eastern Bethlehem today.

Hasan Brijiyeh, member of the popular committee against the Wall and the settlements in Bethlehem, said that according to the notices that the committee received, the Israelis confiscated agricultural lands in Al Oqban area.

The Israeli army had fenced the lands and installed a gate to it four days ago before announcing that a new garden will be constructed on the targeted lands and will be called the “Herodion garden”.

The confiscated lands are owned by the families of Wahsh, Asaker, and Masa’deh.

The eastern area of Bethlehem has been recently targeted with several settlement attacks. The Israeli army continued today for the seventh day in a row to level agricultural lands in the village of Kisan to expand the illegal settlement of Ibei Nahal.

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  1. How many times do I need to state the ANSWER is: GUERILLA WARFARE tactics.

    If was the only way we IRISH won against the British and we only learned that AFTER 5 million of us were murdered, by those same British invader/occupiers when we were fighting the British the Palestinian way – peacefully protesting 🙁

    There are only 2 ways to DIE fighting an enemy- AGGRESSIVELY and PROUDLY on your FEET killing the enemy or HUMBLY and COWARDLY on your KNEES, begging for mercy.

    Although not Muslim, I was HONORABLY given the name FAROOQ by my Muslim friends, for GOOD REASON. Look up its meaning,if you dont already know it.
    What will happen if you Palestinians lose 5 million, before you WAKE UP !!!

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