In Pictures | Israel closes Al Aqsa mosque and bans Adhan and prayers

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Israeli police decided on Tuesday to close all gates of Al Aqsa mosque to worshipers and promised to re-open the mosque on Wednesday.

The Israeli soldiers and police forced all worshipers and employees at the mosque to leave and closed its gates after assaulting everyone inside.

The mosque was forcefully evacuated after searching the office of the acting Islamic chief justice in the occupied city, Sheikh Wasif Al Bakri, and all offices of Waqf inside the courtyard of the mosque.

Palestinian worshipers continued to pray at streets in the closest areas to the mosque despite of the Israeli ban.

Hundreds of Palestinians gathered today in the area of Al Asbat gate of Al Aqsa mosque and declared an open sit-in to protest against the Israeli decision to close the mosque and forcefully evacuate it.

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