‘Israel’ bans Sheikh Ikrima Sabri from entering Al Aqsa mosque for a week

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli authorities on Sunday ordered the Head of the Supreme Islamic Commission in Jerusalem, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, not to enter Al Aqsa mosque for a week, which could be renewed.

The Israeli authorities also summoned Sheikh Sabri for another interrogation on next Saturday and informed him that they will extend his ban if he “incite against” the occupation state on Friday prayers.

Sheikh Sabri told QNN that the Shin Bet had broken into his house in Jerusalem and summoned him for interrogation today.

He added that the Israelis were annoyed by the latest sermon he made last Friday, in which he called for increasing the number of worshipers at Al Aqsa mosque and the Mercy gate.

“The occupation has been trying to control Al Aqsa mosque. Any Palestinian and Islamic existence in the courtyards of the mosque worries them. This is why they perform a series of measures and decisions like bans from entry and arrests to hinder all Palestinian campaigns”, Sheikh Sabri said.

“What happened with me proves that there is a systematic Israeli campaign”, he added. “I have been preaching for over 47 years, specifically since 1973, but the occupation gets scared of the Palestinian existence and wants to completely end it”.

Sabri also expected that the Israelis will extend his ban.

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