‘Israel’ banned 661 patients from Gaza to travel for treatment last month

Gaza (QNN)- The occupation state has banned 661 Palestinian patients from Gaza from traveling for treatment and reduced the enclave’s exports by 42.2% last month, according to a new report by human rights NGO issued on Tuesday.

Thee Palestinian Centre for Human Rights said that Israeli authorities continued to impose strict restrictions through last July on the movement of goods and people. The occupation state refuses to allow most citizens of Gaza to get out or go back to it through Erez crossing, while it allows few patients with serious diseases to travel after going through very strict security measures, the report explained.

Israeli authorities banned 661 patients from getting treatment in Israeli hospitals or in the hospitals of the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

The report also said that Israeli authorities banned patients from traveling for different claims, including security reasons.

In the same context, Israeli authorities continued to prevent Gazans from exporting their goods with few exceptions.

The report also stated that the exports of July decreased by 42.2% comparing to the previous month.

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